Hyundai Kona - Way More Fun Than Your Car

Farzana Haroon
11 Nov 2020
Taking a closer looking into the Hyundai Kona Ad Campaign and see how the campaign "Way More Fun Than Your Car" has evolved over time.
Hyundai Kona Ad Campaign

The vibrant Hyundai Kona advertisement featuring its colourful dancing carwash has become part of Hyundai's branding for showcasing the new Kona. The Hyundai ad, "Way More Fun Than Your Car" campaign is a fun and vibrant campaign displaying the compact SUV and its car wash characters - also known as the 'Mopsters'.

Hyundai has launched its Kona advertisement over a number of different media types including, Video, Facebook & Youtube. BigDatr first picked up their digital campaign back in October 2017 when Hyundai had just introduced the small SUV to market. Following the journey of Hyundai Kona Ads, we can see that from 2017 till now they have stuck to the same campaign tagline.

Hyundai Kona Ad 2017 - Way More Fun Than Your Car

Below are some creatives from 2017, when Hyundai first launched their new compact small SUV, the Kona to market.

Hyundai Kona Ad 2018 - Way More Fun Than Your Car

We follow the campaign into 2018 with added copy to the creative, "New and improved" and sticking with their campaign tagline "Way More Fun Than Your Car".

Hyundai Kona Ad 2020 - Way More Fun Than Your Car

Hyundai have stuck to the same creative since 2018 with some additional interior creatives.

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