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Decide how you'll attract your target audience by understanding what your competitors are doing first.

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Spend your budget more wisely and improve ROI by knowing where and how much others are spending.

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Key Features

Millions of ads
Historical data
Downloadable and shareable ads
Ad alerts and daily updates
Share of Voice changes
Data management
Invite team members
Competitor Media Value data
Top spending brands, campaigns and categories
Preliminary media investment
Trends in Media Value data

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Create custom reports shareable with your team
Export data as CSV or PDF
Dynamic chart options


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What are your subscription options?
Each subscriber can tailor their own specific data sets and industry access. As such we prefer to engage with each subscriber to build the most appropriate access for their needs.
How do I gain access to Media Value?
Media Value is Bigdatr's premium data plan. If you don't have access to this yet and want to upgrade your plan subscription, or send us an email at We're happy to set up your new permissions within the day.
How can I add more industries to my subscription?
We'd be happy to help upgrade your industry access to include additional visibility for Advertising Creative and/or Media Value products. Simply or send us an email at regarding your request to add more industries to your subscription.
How long is my free trial?
You can try Bigdatr free for 7 days without the need of a credit card. To activate your free trial, create your account at
Can I invite my team members during my free trial?
Absolutely. You can grant Bigdatr access to everyone in your team, as there is no limit to how many users you can add during your access. All they need to do is accept your team invite and set up their account.
Can I request for a demo?
You sure can. Just or send us an email at and one of our friendly team members will get in touch to discuss and schedule a session for your team.