Vote For Your Favourite 2018 Ad - BigDatr's People's Choice

Jacinta Giancola
06 Feb 2019
In saying farewell to 2018, we’re taking a moment to look at the biggest, most prominent and most interesting campaigns from the year past. Last year in advertising was one in which we saw a theme bigger than just selling products, but one of regaining consumer trust in the face of skepticism and tackling timely social issues.
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Looking through BigDatr Campaign Library collection, you can follow all ad campaigns from launch to conclusion, and keep tabs on your brands of interest.

Check out our list of campaigns below and don’t forget to vote for your favourite!

Tradie Boots - Work Boots

Nick Cummins AKA the Honey Badger was already front and centre in the minds of Australians, somewhat because of his athletic status, but mainly because of a bachelor result that left the country in confusion (really, neither of them?). However, Tradie boots use him to their advantage, picking Nick - the quintessential Aussie man to front their campaign.

He's a perfect representative for the brand in this simple, and aussie slang heavy ad spot, which was sure to send Aussies out to buy the 'super cush' work boots.

Qantas - Spirit of Australia

Last year, Canstar Blue gave Qantas the top rating in terms of customer satisfaction. Their appeal to customers has always been prevalent in their advertising, preferring to focus on the people rather than relying on sales or deals. It's in this same vein Qantas chose internationally renowned Australian actor Hugh Jackman to be the ambassador for the latest Spirit of Australia campaign.

The Ad had Jackman standing up for Aussie values, and, 'standing up for those that can't' in a push to highlight issues of inequality in our country such as gender diversity, disability, LGBTQI and indigenous issues.

Tourism Australia - Dundee

In another tribute to an Aussie film with cult status, Tourism Australia created a faux trailer to showcase the best of Australia. This ad, which premiered during the American SuperBowl, recreates a modern day version of Crocodile Dundee, simply titled, ‘Dundee'.

Lamb - Australia Day

It just wouldn’t be Australia Day without the yearly Lamb showcase, this time complete with musical number as well. In the name of combatting political correctness and the divide between the views of the left and the right, Lamb once again unites the nation in this TVC.

Of course any Aussie day lamb ad wouldn't be complete without the irreverent Sam Kekovich making an appearance.

Westpac - Lost a Loved One

In the face of the Royal Commission, trust and sentiment with Australian Banks, especially the Big Four, is at an all time low.

These brands have a lot of work to do to turn their image around, and Westpac took this on board with a TVC tackling to support those who are grieving a loss 'If you've lost a loved one, we're here to help'.

Johnnie Walker - The Next Step

In their first major campaign launch in a decade, Johnnie walked enlisted Diageo Australia in partnership with creative agency Leo Burnett, to create a $15 million dollar TV campaign.

Titled 'The Next Step,' the ad follows several people on their journey of self-achievement, and heros the product at the centre of celebrating that achievement.

Honda - New HR-V

Honda recognises that not all people are the same, nor are their car needs. What better way to do that than get the same actor (Krew Boylan) to play eight different roles in this TVC.

Relating to the very human aspect of owning a car, Honda shows customers that they are, 'As different as the people who drive it.'

Mars - Enough Chocolate to Deal With Anything

What would you do if your mum showed up in your life drawing class? In this quirky ad, Mars pairs with Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, to deal with this exact scenario. The main character overcomes his awkward situation, proving theres always, ‘Enough Chocolate to Deal With Anything.’

Lexus - The All-New Lexus UX

Late in 2018, Lexus launched a new spot 'Experience Amazing' for their new car, the Lexus UX. M\&C Saatchi Melbourne created the campaign which exemplifies the car as smooth sleek and 'designed to anticipate your every need.'

In order to show this we seen a young professional woman on her everyday commute, but hands reach out of the car to adjust seats, and hand over coffees, if only getting to work was really that seamless!

Optus Sport - The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful

In the lead up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Optus Sport geared up in preparation to be the official Australian streaming service of the games. Passion is the theme that surrounds the campaign, with fans of all ages screaming in triumph and frustration, undeniably united by the good, the bad and the beautiful emotions released while watching a football match.