Introducing Ad Tracking
01 Jan 2020
The idea behind Ad Tracking is to test a complete ad campaign and create a cost-effective ad tracking method to help improve your advertising messages to better connect with customers.

Optimise your advertising creatives to cut through the noise and deliver results.

Powerfully simple

You can leverage our daily updated Advertising Creatives library to source and start Ad Tracking. Within a few clicks you’ll see results in real-time, not weeks. Our analysts even handpick top trending campaigns so you can instantly get performance results.

Benchmark performance

We’ve done the hard work of standardising the ad testing process so you can accurately evaluate your campaign performance against others in market. Knowing what works with analysis of audience reactions and responses, you can evaluate the true impact of not only your campaign, but also your competitors.

Recommendations checklist

We’ll tell you what is or isn’t working in your advertising campaigns and why. We extract data driven learnings from top performing advertising campaigns in market to isolate key action items to help you improve the performance of your ads.


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