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The new, better way to measure brand level Media Spend.

Competition has never been more fierce with brands spending more and more on advertising campaigns. Whether you're looking to secure a bigger media spend budget, understand shifts in market trends or planning out your competitive strategy.

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Up to 400% More Accurate

We've identified that the key issue that causes inaccurate media spend estimates is legacy providers using "advertiser discounts off volume and market intel" or "applying average market CPM rate-cards" to Digital Media Spend.

To address this we go to the source and leverage actual media spend data from agency booking systems as the starting point of our methodology

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" Data really powers everything that we do. "

Jeff Weiner - Chief Executive Officer, LinkedIn


Source: BigDatr sourced actual media spend data from clients and media agencies vs legacy media spend estimates vs Brand Media Spend.

"Our legacy media spend provider reported a competitors media spend to be $120,000 whereas the Brand Media Spend Index reported $4,100,000 which is in line with what we’re observing in market. That’s an accuracy improvement of 3,300%!"

Yvonne Chen, VP of Marketing


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Data Sources

Powered by SMI, we utilise 90% of total actual agency media spend data in Australia. This is accessed by obtaining raw advertising invoice data from Australia's largest agency holding companies.

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" If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic. "

William Bernbach - Founder, DDB Worldwide.

Nationwide Coverage

We've created an industry leading methodology for calculating media spend accurately. The greatest benefit of this methodology is in providing accurate media spend estimates for industries, brands and product categories.

Available in: Australia

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" Data really powers everything that we do. "

Jeff Weiner - Chief Executive Officer, LinkedIn

Media Type Coverage Brand Level Media Spend
Metro TV Yes
Regional TV
Industry Level Only
Pay TV Yes
Digital Display Yes
Digital Search Yes
Digital Social Yes
Digital Video Yes
Metro Radio Yes
Regional Radio Industry Level Only
Metro Newspaper Yes
Regional Newspaper Yes
Magazines Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cinema Industry Level Only


We combine trusted data sources through our platform which provides an end-to-end data processing solution to accurately report media spend by industry, brand and product category. This data is then processed through the below steps and made ready for quick delivery. Each of these components are brought together to produce the industries most robust and accurate media spend reporting.



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