Your competitive advantage.

BigDatr arms you with knowledge on competitor advertising and marketing strategies to help you better plan, manage and execute your own approach - stay one step ahead.


See where you rank in market amongst competitors.

We rank marketing spend of brands to give you an idea where you, and others, sit within the category or industry you operate in.

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" Data really powers everything that we do. "

Jeff Weiner - Chief Executive Officer, LinkedIn


Scope how competitors appeal to your audience. Or need inspiration for an upcoming campaign?

Our library houses an abundance of creatives for you to compare, contrast and analyse the look and feel of marketing communications.

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" If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic. "

William Bernbach - Founder, DDB Worldwide.

Receive tailored alerts for new Campaign and Creative launches.

Activity Inbox houses all your notifications in one place. With the ability to create custom alerts, you can be kept in the loop when competitors launch activity in market.

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" With data collection, ‘the sooner the better’ is always the best answer. "

Marissa Mayer - Chief Executive Officer, Yahoo!


"With BigDatr, we’ve seen 30% revenue growth quarter over quarter and now we’re rolling it out across the entire customer lifecycle."

Yvonne Chen, VP of Marketing

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Some of the most notable brands rely on BigDatr to inspire growth and seed revenue.

Some companies have an edge, a dynamic that makes them awesome.
Some grow rapidly, transforming industries and shaking up legacy businesses in the process. We’ve seen clients develop to $1B+ companies, distinguishing them from their counterparts.

We'd love to help more companies achieve this.


We are constantly improving BigDatr:
from embedding new features to ironing out functionality issues.
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