TV Ad Performance

You will get unrivalled insights into any campaign running on free-to-air TV the very next day. Search any brand for instant access to position in break, state-by-state OzTAM TARP viewer percentages, and impressions of a particular campaign. Search any TV show being aired, with our Ratings tool revealing every single ad aired between the breaks. 


Performance Insights at a glance

Target Audience Rating Point (TARP)
Your access to the average viewing for a demographic expressed as a percentage of the relevant Universe Estimate. 

The average number of people in a target market who were viewing a specific event or time band, expressed in absolute figures for that demographic.

Media Network Coverage
See on which networks and during which television shows your competitors are running their spots with a complete breakdown of where your competitors are allocating spend and booking media.

Next Day Turnaround
If an ad runs today, our TV Ad performance data will have the all-important stats wrapped up for you to see tomorrow.