Why Brand Profile?

Imagine being able to get the full scope of your competitors marketing strategy all in one view. From campaigns to media value and active creatives running in market, Brand Profile consolidates everything you need to know about your competitors, to empower better business decision making.

Engage and connect with your competitors at a deeper level by tracking their own dedicated brand profile. Every profile includes powerful insights to help you unpick the strategies of your competition like never before.

A must have for

  • Brand Advertisers

  • Research Agencies

  • Data Science Teams

  • Media Agencies

  • Advertising Sales Teams


See where you rank in market

Wanting to see where you rank against your competition?

To get a big picture overview of the biggest advertisers, Brand Profile provides a rank next to every brand, including your own, to show where you sit within the industry. Unravel detailed media figures for each brand, to understand how your brand ranks across all media types, based on media value.

Each Profile tells a story of a brands campaign data. Starting with the rank position, you can identify which categories and campaigns are promoted most aggressively, along with the messaging being used to target potential customers.


Unravel a brands media strategy breakdown

Take competitive analysis to the next level by diving deep into a brands profile, revealing their media strategy breakdown.

BRAND 4.png

Monthly Summary for a Brand
Each profile contains these four powerful metrics:

  • Media Value Rank

  • Total Media Value

  • Number of Active Campaigns

  • Number of New Creatives

These high level stats show how spend allocation fluctuates month to month, and when there are increases in campaigns.

BRAND 2.png

Breakdown of Media Type and Categories
See how a brand divides their media activity across Television, Newspaper, Out of Home and Magazine. Identify where the focus of effort is placed so that you can proactively respond.

Knowing the advertising distribution will expose a brands key strategy and spot opportunity gaps.

BRAND 3.png

Visualise a brands campaign schedule
A timeline of campaign themes split by categories will let you easily visualise the start, end and total duration of a campaign.

Identify a brands longest running campaign or event themed campaigns running during a particular period ie. EOFY.


Access to every creative running in the month

Our smart categorisation of campaigns lets you view your competitors campaigns, ordered by highest spend in the month, with a breakdown view of spend for each creative. This next-level view not only lets you see every creative execution, but also lists key data, including media type, duration, and categories.


24x7 Real Time Updates
Advertising campaigns are continuously uploaded throughout the day. That's right, all day everyday.


Next Level Search
From small queries to the most complex, our world class search functionality is fast and easy to use.


Best Media Coverage
With the best media coverage you can be sure to find what you're looking for, it's all here.


Developed in conjunction with industry leading brands, our categorisation allows the most granular of filters.

Best coverage, hands down.

With all major media sources covered, you will always find the answers you seek:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Out of Home
  • Catalogues
  • Digital Display
  • Online Video

And with the fastest growing media coverage, you can be sure we'll scale with your future needs.

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