Nine pushes new automated TV Ad buying platform

Farzana Haroon
19 Oct 2017
Following the journey of desktop, social and mobile ad transformation, television is beginning to tap into programmatic technologies. Although television ad buying process works rather differently to digital mediums, data-driven automation has taken a different angle in giving brands the opportunity to improve and enhance advertising by targeting the right audience at the right time and at the right place. Digital platforms including Google, Facebook and Snap have taken the plunge into automated advertising giving the power to self-purchase advertising. Nine is offering Marketers and Agencies a
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Nine has built automated advertising platform, 9Galaxy, to allow programmatic trading of TV ads, with the ambition to make TV buying a whole lot easier. Comprehensive data and advanced modelling techniques used will provide transparency to advertisers around the delivery of audiences.

100 percent guaranteed audience delivery on dynamic campaigns via their automated TV buying platform 9Galaxy.

Nine says that the fundamental part about the 9Galaxy's offering is its predictive modelling technology, 9Predict, which allows Nine to forecast the ratings of its linear TV inventory, using big data and advanced modelling techniques through data science and machine learning to improve the accuracy of ratings predictions.

Nine is automating the buying and selling of its television inventory through the platform after its trials with major media brands and agencies. Agencies will still have the power to select spots during prime time and live sports. The new model will ensure a guaranteed delivery off-peak and multi-channelling inventory, eliminating the volatility that exists in media planning and buying, according to Nines Chief Sales Officer, Michael Stephenson.

“When you buy 100 ratings from us we will deliver you 100 ratings, completely removing the need for make goods.

— Nines Chief Sales Officer - Michael Stepenson

“The future of television is advertising delivered with world-class technology and optimised by audience segment, such as new car buyers or home loan intenders, as well as by age and sex demographics.

— Michael Stephenson

Brands will have the ease of relying on the schedule efficiency through 9Galaxy, delivered alongside the reach of Nine's free-to-air prime-time channel and through live sport. We will continue to see the industry shift with self-service ad-buying playing a vital role in the future of advertising.