Monitor a brands Advertising Creative
01 Jan 2020
We specialise and pride ourselves in our extensive library of Advertising Creatives, to help brands understand how their competitors are positioning themselves in market. Our Advertising Creative tool will allow you to compare the marketing activity of brands across a range of industries.

Navigate with Quick filters

Not only do we show advertising creatives for each brand, but we also categorise and tag each creative. You can either stay high level or drill down into the details with quick filters to help guide you through all advertising campaigns.

Download and share

Each advertising creative comes with unlimited downloads and quick email sharing to get the information to where it needs to be sooner.


Brand vs Retail

As part of our categorisation and tagging, each ad is classified as either brand or retail to easily distignuish between the different ad types. Knowing a breakdown of ad type means you can easily get an overview of the intent behind a brands strategy, for instance if their running a special sale we would classify this as a retail type ad. Anything to help with building brand awareness we tag this as a brand oriented ad.


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