Medibank Live Better Ads

Essan Calajatan
18 Nov 2020
We have been following Medibank's Live Better, and their latest version of the campaign explores all the weird and wonderful ways people can uplift their wellbeing, with the "There are so many ways to live better" ad which is running across Television and Digital media.

Medibank - There are so many ways to live better.

Medibank's Live Better is a program made for its members to encourage them boost their health and well-being by its reward system using the Live Better app.

You can see the very first digital Medibank ad tracked by BigDatr from the Medibank Live Better campaign showing how the program can inspire its members by free activities and get rewarded by simply looking after their well-being. The campaign features people, like Garth de-stressing to heavy metal music.

Take a look at the different variations of Medibank's Live Better ad campaign across digital media including Facebook and YouTube ads.

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