International Women's Day Campaigns 2017

Farzana Haroon
08 Mar 2017
International Women’s Day has established into a global celebration of gender equality and female empowerment.

The theme for 2017 is #BeBoldForChange and focuses on the need for change. Around the world we see brands creating awareness within their campaigns from inequalities of pay and education, unequal distribution of household chores that still have a huge impact on women from across the globe on a daily basis.

We have taken a look at brands from around the world incorporating #BeBoldForChange, inspiring women to take bold, pragmatic action and unleash the limitless potential that they have to drive the greatest change.

AAMI recognises that inside every 'Her' is a 'Hero'

In support of the AFL women's league, AAMI launched its ‘Her to Hero’ campaign to salute inspirational and rising stars, Laura Bailey, Rebecca Neaves and Brooke Lochland. As the women prep for their match, discouraging comments are heard at the beginning of the spot as to why women shouldn't be playing AFL. Some of the comments include; ‘Should we let her play?’Aren't there more appropriate sports for her?’\ Things soon change in the locker rooms and the 'supporters' remarks shift to encouragement as 'It'll be hard to beat her' and 'her skills are like nothing we've seen', are projected. The final frame captures the inspiring women take to the field, and the movement of 'her' changing to 'hero' as the crowd cheers in support and excitement.

Microsoft #MakeWhatsNext

Microsoft's latest push encourages young girls to enter STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields to change the world. Following from last year's campaign, which showcased girls talking about their love for science, however, had no clue about female inventors.

Microsoft 2016 IWD "What are you going to make?" campaign

The #MakeWhatsNext campaign not only aims to get young girls interested in STEM but to keep them interested in the subjects. The video shows girls aspirations about keeping the environment clean, researching a cure for breast cancer and saving the world. The girls are then presented with a figure stating only 6.7% of women who graduate, do so with a degree in STEM and “Odds are you wont solve these problems”. However, these stats only encourage them to talk about how they believe they can do it and the video concludes with: “Change the world. Stay in STEM”.

Womens NIKE challenges gender stereotypes

NikeWomen have launched three powerful videos in different markets in celebration of International Women's Day 2017. The three different videos show gender stereotypes tailored to Middle East, Russia and Turkey with the brands message to resonate globally and encourage women to leap over life’s obstacles and get active, regardless of social, physical and cultural barriers.

Nike Middle East "What will they say about you?" campaign #Believeinmore #JustDoIt

Nike Turkey "Stereotypes were made to be broken" campaign #BelieveinMore #JustDoIt

Nike Russia "What are girls made of?" campaign #BelieveinMore #JustDoIt