FOXTEL rebrands, following Netflix and Stan with new streaming service

Farzana Haroon
07 Jun 2017
Foxtel repositions its brand with a new logo and has confirmed that it will be bringing a dedicated streaming box to the Australian market. The pay TV subscription brand has undergone a radical corporate makeover with a new re-designed logo, new programming and affordable pricing to shake up its position in the Australian market, going head-to-head against younger rivals Netflix, Amazon and Stan.

The pay-TV provider, once an expensive brand has repositioned to provide cheaper subscription packages without the hassle of installing satellite connection or requiring cable. The brand will launch a national campaign on Sunday including wrap around in all News Corp papers, TVC’s and Out-of-Home with the central message being that “Foxtel is for everyone”.

Mark Buckman, Foxtel’s MD of customer and retail, describes that the lowercase wording in the new logo is designed to be less intimidating and cater to everyone. The new logo created by The Monkeys’ Maud, is aimed to be “dynamic, fun, approachable”, according to Buckman.

““We’ve had a Foxtel that has been a very masculine, a shouty, retail capital letters kind of brand. That served us quite well for a long time but in order for us to get people to think, feel or speak differently about us, we’ve taken the move to re-imagine what Foxtel might be”

— Mark Buckman

Image above: FOXTEL old logo

Image above: FOXTEL old logo

Peter Tonagh, Foxtel chief executive says the move is the “biggest strategic shift in the 22-year history of Foxtel.”

Peter says he was aiming for a new internet-TV based service called Foxtel Now at the two million Australian households using streaming services including Netflix. He said it was the first time the company had been able to offer low-priced, flexible bundles with no setup costs and the ability to cancel at any time.

Foxtel Now is a new evolution of the Foxtel Play streaming service and offers low-priced and flexible bundles. Subscribers will have greater freedom and access to sign up to Foxtel with no set-up costs and the ability to cancel at any time. The new pricing structure for subscribers include $10 per month, and will replace Foxtel Play.