Coca-Cola introduces the world’s first robotic sign

Farzana Haroon
28 Aug 2017
Coca-Cola introduces the world’s first robotic sign, giving billboards a spectacular three dimensional look in New York Times Square
Image:  Coca-Cola and Fans Celebrate World’s First 3D Robotic Sign in Times Square

Image: Coca-Cola and Fans Celebrate World’s First 3D Robotic Sign in Times Square

The iconic beverage brings the brand to life with its six-story 3D digital billboard design which uses 1,760 LED screens, moving independently of one another with programmed choreography creating a multi-sensory experience for its commuters. Golden's Display Devices partnered with Coca-Cola to deliver a pioneering concept in out-of-home advertising in the hopes to catch people's attention and engage with the brand's message for a longer period.

Times Square is the heart of epic outdoor advertising and for a century, Coca-Cola has placed large outdoor advertising signs in NYC's Times Square switching from its curvy kinetic LED sculpture created back in 2004 to the new robotic LED billboard launched August 8th 2017. The campaign billboard launch also involved seating installation releasing a refreshingly cool mist with Coca-Cola brand ambassadors distributing its soft drink product range to the crowd. The Coca-Cola team hopes that the campaign will "inspire thirsty onlookers to crave an ice-cold Coca-Cola."

“From the beginning, our brief was to create a pause-and-refresh moment in the crowded environment of Times Square. Our propriety 3D technology brings our icnonic brands to life in a unique and differentiated way that will hopfully catch people’s attention and make them want to engage for a longer period of time

— Kim Gnatt - Group Director, Business Strategy, Coca-Cola North America

The very first out-of-home billboard of Coca-Cola was placed in Times Square in 1920, which makes it one of the worlds longest running billboards. Coca-Cola's outdoor advertising has helped add personality to America's landmark crossroads for being the central hub of 24/7 advertising. Coca-Cola in the past has continually innovated with its outdoor advertising from around the world including the iconic neon lights in Piccadilly Circus in London to Kings Cross in Sydney, showing that they take lead with outdoor innovation.

The Piccadily Sign: Coca-Cola 

The Piccadily Sign: Coca-Cola