Banking Campaigns Round Up 2016

Farzana Haroon
06 Jan 2017
Here is BigDatr’s pick of the top Banking and Finance adverts for 2016! From emotional to humorously funny, we have seen banks mix up their campaigns using contrasting marketing approaches.

NAB centred on emotional drivers; ANZ was ‘the first to tap into Apple Pay’; Westpac ‘committed to saving lives’ and CommBank helped people achieve their dreams.

NAB 'More Than Money'

Campaign Schedule: 10 July 2016 - Current

Advertising Media Types: Television, Video, Out-of-Home, Newspaper, Digital

NAB’s collaboration with Clemenger BBDO Melbourne launched ‘More Than Money’ campaign aimed to reposition its brand message focusing strongly on consumers. The campaign centers on emotional motives and launched two different variations, one targeting small business owners and the other aimed to target every day customers.

The launch of the TVC follows the life of a young woman from birth to young adulthood using real-life home video footage capturing significant milestones and personal moments of her life.

ANZ Welcomed Apple Pay

Campaign Schedule: 01 May 2016 - 12 August 2016

Advertising Media Types: Television, Video, Out-of-Home, Digital

ANZ was the first Australian bank to partner with Apple Pay and they weren't holding back when promoting the new partnership across TV, OOH, Print and Social Media with hashtag #ANZApplePay promoted to trend on Twitter.

Whybin/TBWA Melbourne launched “ANZ Welcomes Apple Pay" with its core message when it comes to new technology, the more useful it is, the sooner we all “take it for granted". The campaign has a few different campaign variations, all in which we see ANZ customers humorously using and misusing the latest mobile offering.

Westpac - 200 Years Proudly Supporting Australia

Campaign Schedule: 17 August - 30 November 2016

Advertising Media Types: Television, Out-Of-Home

“Not all Australians are with Westpac, but we’re with all Australians." Westpac’s key message isn’t really about banking at all. Instead, the TVC portrays brand commitment to all Australians through its association with Australia’s rescue helicopter service.

The big banks are changing up their campaign messaging to build trust. It is interesting to see how the Banking & Finance industry are using emotional drivers in their campaigns. Is it because people respond better to their campaigns when they incorporate emotion? Westpac’s campaign has nothing to do with the banking service, rather it’s aligning with their customer’s values to build brand association.

Commonwealth Bank - Make Today Count

Campaign Schedule: 17 August - 30 November 2016

Advertising Media Types: Television, Out-Of-Home

CommBank’s campaign aims to show how the bank can help people reach their goals by making “today count".

“Years, they seem so far away… We talk about our goals in terms of years later or years to come… But when it comes to achieving your goals and protecting what matters, it's the days that really count... Days are where decisions are made.”

The TVC kicks off with inspirational VO to back up the message of the campaign, encouraging people not to wait years to make their dreams come true. (Eg. The dream of owning their own home). The footage features a rewind of a boy jumping out of a pool and into their home showing back in time lapse of his parents over looking the empty backyard before the pool was built. The campaign encourages people to take the 'first step' and talk to them about CommBanks products on Advice, Super or Insurance.

**Using BigDatr's Spot Monitoring tool we can see that last year the banking and finance sector's advertising activity peaked in July, and the least competitive month was October.