Analyse Media Value investment
01 Jan 2020
With over 50% of paid media spend now running on Digital channels, you need better visibility to budget, plan and execute successful marketing strategies. Our Media Value tool specialises in showing media investment by brand, category and industry level. Visiblity into media spend data assists in identifying causes and trends more quickly and helps in telling a story through data.

Get the best-paid media spend estimates

Digital and traditional data

With BigDatr's coverage across both traditional and digital media types, you get a consolidated view of the entire market utilising the very best media spend estimates available.

Campaign and product breakdown

As part of tracking and measuring media investment, we tie both Media Value and Advertising Creatives so that you can deep dive into brand intelligence and step through chosen media channels, attributed investment and how messaging played out in market.

To get an overview of competition and where brands sit in the market, competitor rankings are a popular feature in that users can easily view:

  • The largest campaigns, products and brands in market
  • Most promoted brands and products
  • Ranked players from any selected date range


Historical trends

Historical and forecasted data provides valuable information to help with better decision making and understand trends over time. Access to Media Value assists customers in planning their next campaign with:

  • Visibility into campaign investment over time
  • Identifying trends and seasonality over a period of time
  • View campaign breakdown and creative variation


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