2018 Melbourne Cup Biggest Advertisers

  Image Source:    The Australian

Image Source: The Australian

Network Seven broadcasted the 2018 Melbourne Cup pulling in 1.83 million metro viewers and 2.7 million nationally, which saw an increase in viewership from last year. The Network is known for broadcasting ‘the race that stops the nation’ however recently announced that this will be the final year, following a $100 million deal by Ten to take over the rights.

Melbourne Cup Day is recognised as one of the largest gambling days of the year for Australians, and we’ve taken a look at the some of the biggest industry and brand advertisers during the 2018 Melbourne Cup. The Automotive industry ranked in as the highest industry advertisers with Lexus dominating with the most number of tv ad spots.

Melbourne Cup Biggest Industry Advertisers (2018)

The Melbourne Cup 2018 - Biggest industry advertisers on TV (Data represented is for ads running during Melbourne Cup Dat only and for only industries BigDatr monitors)

Most Promoted Brands during Melbourne Cup (2018)

The Melbourne Cup 2018 most promoted brands on TV (data represented is for ads running during Melbourne Cup Day only and for only industries BigDatr monitors)

Telfast campaign ‘Break Through Hayfever Allergies’ ranked in as the biggest campaign aired during the 2018 Melbourne Cup with a total count of 98 ad spots. Lexus was the principle sponsor this year, and their campaign ‘The All-New Lexus UX’ ranked in second with a total of 75 ad spots.

Most Promoted Campaigns

Top 5 Most Promoted Campaigns (2018)

  1. Telfast - Break Through Hayfever Allergies

2. Lexus - The All-New Lexus UX

3. Virgin Australia - Fly Economy X To New Zealand

4. TAB - Better Your Bet

5. Ubet - Tappy. The Easiest Way To Bet In Cash.

Trick or Treat? 2018 Halloween Campaigns


It’s that spooky time of the year, where big brands unleash their scary campaigns in time for Halloween. Here’s a wrap of Halloween themed campaigns launched in the US.

Burger King - Feed Your Nightmares

According to a study Burger King ran, they have claimed that its Halloween burger will actually give you nightmares. The burger called the Nightmare King, comes with a sesame green bun, a beef patty, chicken fillet, American cheese, bacon, creamy mayonnaise and onions.

The fast-food burger chain also claims that eating Nightmare King (sold in US stores) will make it 3.5 times more likely for consumers to sleep terribly.


M&Ms Halloween Ghosted

M&M’s 15 second Halloween campaign ad spot, ‘Ghosted’, produced by BBDO New York, takes on a humorous approach, looking at “surviving” the scariest night of the year. The ad begins with Red and Yellow leaving a Halloween party, seemingly unscathed, as Red remarks how glad he is that they made it through another Halloween without being eaten. A ghostly looking Yellow agrees, only to then float away with a nice bite taken out of his back.


Fanta - Flavours that thrill

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 9.45.09 am.png

To get in on the Halloween celebrations, Fanta (UK) is launching their biggest ever campaign, featuring spooky limited-edition bottles and cans, two new Halloween-inspired flavours, plus their own Halloween event, Twisted Carnival.

The campaign celebrates transformation, from limited edition packs to the sponsored Snapchat lenses and filters. Fanta will run the campaign across digital, outdoor advertising and social spend.


Spotify - Killer songs you can’t resist

Spotify launched its Halloween campaign back in June, however the British advertising watchdog group ruled that that the advertisement is too spooky for children. The 60-second spot includes the song “Havana” by Camila Cabello, with a medley of horror film tropes including a maniacal children’s toy, a long and dark hallway, a young woman screaming in terror, and a startling over-the-shoulder apparition in a steamy mirror.

The Advertising Standards Authority slammed the advertisement in a statement saying the ad would be “likely to cause undue distress to children”.

The spot concludes with the tagline, “Killer songs you can’t resist.”


Reese’s - #NotSorry

Reese’s created a special Halloween ad with MTV, which you can view here.

While skin-masked ghouls and screaming witches leave two trick-or-treating teenagers seemingly unfazed, the, “Please take one” sign renders them screaming in fear.


MARS - Bite Size Horror

Bite Size Horror by Mars, is a series of two minute mini films with a terrifying storyline. Below you will find Snickers and Skittles creepy campaigns.

Campaign above: Snickers - The Replacement

Campaign above: Skittles - Floor 9.5

Heineken - New Friends

In this ad spot we see our main character thrust into a crazy, and clearly unexpected, party experience. With the tagline, “Sometimes the wrong party is the right one,” our beige suited protagonist, mesmerised by the party atmosphere loosens up and transforms from his experience, no doubt aided by the flowing Heineken on offer.

Dior - The Beauty of a Dark Dream

Dior creates three Halloween beauty looks, featuring Bella Hadid rocking some seriously high fashion Halloween looks. The glamorous Halloween-inspired short film titled ‘The Beauty of a Dark Dream’ promotes its iconic Rouge Dior 999 lipstick, Blush and geometrical shapes created using On Stage Liner.

Biggest advertisers during AFL Grand Final 2018


The AFL Grand Final scored in 4.3 million viewers across Australian TV to tune in and watch the match between Collingwood and West Coast. Figures released by Seven Network revealed that Seven’s coverage delivered a metro and regional peak audience of 4.297 million in-home viewers, averaging 3.378 million viewers throughout the game.

Looking at TV ad spots aired during the AFL Grand Final, the Automotive industry ranked in as the highest industry advertisers, with Toyota having the most active TV spots.

Top Industry Advertisers during AFL Grand Final 2018

Data above shows AFL Grand Final 2018 biggest industry advertiser's on TV based on ad spot data. (Data represented for ads running during the Grand Final only and for only industries monitored by BigDatr)

AFL Grand Final - Biggest Advertisers

Most advertised brands during the AFL Grand Final (No. of TV ad spots)

Top 10 Advertisers during the Grand Final

  1. Toyota

Campaign Details

Brand: Toyota
Campaign Name: For The Bold All-New Corolla
Industry: Automotive
Category: Small <$40K
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television, Digital, Newspaper, Out of Home


2. Coles

Brand: Coles
Campaign Name: Good Things Are Happening At Coles
Industry: Supermarket
Ad Type: Retail
Media Type: Television, Digital, Newspaper, Out of Home



Campaign Details

Brand: AAMI
Campaign Name: Lucky You’re With AAMI
Industry: Vehicle Insurance
Category: Roadside Assistance
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television, Radio, Out of Home


4. Telstra

Campaign Details

Brand: Telstra
Campaign Name: You Don’t Need Australia’s Best Network… Until You Do.
Industry: Communications
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television


5. NAB - More Than Money

Campaign Details

Brand: NAB
Campaign Name: More Than Money
Industry: Banking and Finance
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television, Radio, Out of Home, Digital and Newspaper


6. AGL - AGL Essentials

Campaign Details

Brand: AGL
Campaign Name: AGL Essentials
Industry: Energy
Category: Electricity and Gas
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television, Newspaper and Radio


7. Virgin Australia

Campaign Details

Brand: Virgin Australia
Campaign Name: Fly Economy X To New Zealand
Industry: Airlines
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television


8. Industry SuperFunds

Campaign Details

Brand: Industry SuperFunds
Campaign Name: Join The Thousands Making The Switch To A Superfund That Carries This Symbol
Industry: Superannuation
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television


9. Johnnie Walker

Campaign Details

Brand: Johnnie Walker
Campaign Name: Keep Walking
Industry: Alcohol
Category: Spirits
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television, Digital


10. Carlton

Campaign Details

Brand: Carlton
Campaign Name: It’s That Fresh
Industry: Alcohol
Category: Beer
Ad Type: Brand
Media Type: Television, Digital, Out of Home

*Disclaimer - Data represented is for ads running during the AFL Grand Final only and for industries BigDatr monitors. Click here to view a full list of industries BigDatr currently tracks.

BigDatr August Marketing News

Tourism Australia Campaign

Here's a wrap of Marketing news for the month of August. 

Toyota invests $500 million in Uber in driverless car deal

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 2.43.54 pm.png

Toyota is looking to invest $500 US million ($680 AUD million) in Uber to expand a partnership to jointly develop self-driving cars. This would involve "mass-production" of autonomous vehicles that would be deployed on Uber's ride sharing network. It's a first of its kind deal for Uber, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi noted in a statement. It's also one that should help further improve Ubers image. "Uber's advanced technology and Toyota's commitment to safety and its renowned manufacturing process make this partnership a natural fit," says Dara. 

Uber will combine its autonomous driving system with Toyota’s Guardian technology, which offers automated safety features such as lane-keeping but does not enable a vehicle to drive completely autonomously.


Tourism Australia launches $10m campaign, 'Undiscover Australia' in Asia

Tourism Australia opens up dialogue on the stereotypes and perceptions of what Australia offers its travellers from across the globe in a $10m campaign. The campaign, 'Undiscover Australia' is targeting the South East Asian travellers in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 'Undiscover Australia' was created by Clemenger BBDO, Sydney and will aim to run for four months across the region across TV, radio, online, social, out of home and influencer channels.

The campaign's mission is to challenge the perceptions of Australia by showcasing the unfamiliar and unexpected attractions. "79% of Malaysians think Australia is all about the amazing beaches. Think Again", is featured in the campaign, and then showing places such as Melbourne's graffiti-covered Hosier Lane and the Grampians. 


Google buys Mastercard data to link online ads with offline purchases

Google reportedly paid millions of dollars for Mastercards data in a secret deal so that Google can track retail sales using Mastercard transaction data. Customers that own a Mastercard in the US, has reportedly been tracking whether customers are influenced by online ads in offline purchases for the past year. It tells them how well their online ads are working, for instance if you're shown a Google ad, and then buy the product offline, then the ads are performing well - just as the Pay Per Click model was intended. Both Mastercard and Google have assured people that the data is anonymised, with Google more interested about how ads perform in abstract.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the partnership with Mastercard, but addressed the ads tool, "Before we launched this beta product last year, we built a new, double-blind encryption technology that prevents both Google and our partners from viewing our respective users personally identifiable information." 


Australian Government bans the use of influencers in it's campaigns  

The Australian Government have announced that they will no longer employ influencer marketing, following the failure and retraction of the Department of Health's most recent campaign. "The Government has recently reviewed the use of social media influencers and determined that they will not be used in future campaign," says Assistant Minister for Finance David Coleman.

The controversy started after the launch of "Girls Make Your Move" campaign featured a number of influencers, which led to Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt asking for the campaign to go under immediate review. The campaign was questioned by The Health Department after it was revealed it had paid hundreds of influencers to post fitness photos on their Instagram accounts, with some receiving as much as $3000 per post. However, it was later uncovered that several of the influencers had a history of endorsing alcohol companies, some promoting extreme dieting products. 

  Image Source: BigDatr Campaign Feed

Image Source: BigDatr Campaign Feed


Facebook is allowing 5 publishers test headlines, images, copy in organic posts

Facebook is testing new ways to connect more users on the platform. Only a small number of publishers will have the ability to test different variations of headlines, images, videos and copy in their Facebook posts to see which bring in better results. According to Digiday, the tool will give publishers the opportunity to test up to four different versions of an organic post plus data and CTR all in real-time for each tested version. 

One of the publishers, BuzzFeed News are testing the tool out, told Digiday that the tests have assisted in validating its assumptions about how to optimise stories on Facebook, however it hasn't been a game changer. "This comes as everyone on Facebook has gone down a lot, so it's good to be able to get the most out of our posts, but we're still getting a lot less", said BuzzFeed news deputy director, Fran Berkman. 


BigDatr July Marketing News

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.45.11 am.png

Here's a recap of the latest marketing news:


Hugh Jackman features in new Qantas campaign to tackle diversity

Qantas unveils latest campaign featuring Hugh Jackman, encouraging Australians to "stand up" for equality. The 60 second spot created by Brand+Story agency aims to showcase the airlines commitment to "standing up for a fair go". 

"We don't all think, look or act the same and that's a huge asset. This video is about celebrating the strength that comes from diversity and why it's one of the great things about the kind of place Australia is," says Vanessa Hudson, Qantas group executive. 

The campaign will run across social media as well as several of the sporting bodies involved and will screen on board Qantas flights.


Crownbet rebrands to BetEasy with new campaign

CrownBet has gone back to its roots to revert back to its original form, Beteasy, after the Federal Court temporarily banned the betting service from changing its name to Sportingbet. The new campaign features brand ambassadors, Ricky Ponting and Nicki Whelan, to introduce the "bigger, better betting experience". 

Crownbet chief marketing officer, Ed Owens said "CrownBet is setting a new tone and standard in Australian betting and we are ultimately passionate about giving our customers a better way to wager. We hope this campaign will get the whole country excited about a more premium punting experience."


Cricket Australia launches #WATCHME, to promote women's cricket

Cricket Australia launches latest campaign #WATCHME, created with sports agency Blood UTD to promote the women's season of cricket. The campaign currently is shown through digital channels including 6 and 15 second video teasers with promotions across player's social media channels. From September 1st, a 60 second film for the campaign will be released with a 30 second TVC. We expect to see the campaign run across OOH, and a series of social videos.  


Burger King raises awareness about gender inequality

Fast food chain, Burger King US latest campaign "Chick Fries" draws attention to America's "Pink Tax" where women are charged more for products. The campaign spot shows actual female customers being charged more for a box of fries because they come in special pink packaging. The fries should cost $1.69, however in the ad when the women order the exact same fries, they are charged $3.09 because of the pink packaging. 

The campaign highlights the unfair number of costs that women have to pay such as makeup, health and beauty products. 


Google could finally enter the retail space

Search giant, Google could finally set up it's first retail store in Chicago. This would be Google's first ever retail store, putting it in competition with tech gurus Apple and Microsoft. The deal is yet to be finalised but the contract is set to be signed soon, however Google said the company does not comment "on rumours and speculation." 

Google have a list of gadgets and products, including Google Home smart speaker, the Pixel phone lineup, and the Google Chromecast smart dongle, is extensive and growing.   


BigDatr June Marketing News

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.13.58 am.png

Here's a wrap of June marketing news from around the world! 


Audi celebrates Saudi Arabian women driving

Audi launches new TVC to welcome the women of Saudi Arabia to the driver’s seat. The spot features a couple getting ready to head out on 24 June 2018, the day the driving ban finally ends. The spot, "Doors" created by Thjnk in Hamburg, Germany, shows the couple reaching a parked Audi vehicle, where the wife holds the passenger-side door for her husband before taking a seat behind the wheel. 

“With this film we welcome the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the world of Audi. We are happy to be part of their future explorations and invite them to have lots of fun with our cars,” Jörg Dietzel, head of global creative and sales media, Audi AG, said.

Audi's latest campaign is the latest in a series of congratulatory work from brands. After the ban was lifted, Nissan offered driving lessons to women.

Sometimes history is written. This time, it is driven. Audi welcomes women of Saudi Arabia to the driver's seat.


Google rebrands its line of ad products


Google's ad products will be divided up into three major ad products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Google Ad Manager.  Now known as AdWords will become Google Ads serving as the "front door for advertisers to buy on all Google surfaces" including search, display ads, YouTube videos, app ads in Google Play, location listings in Google Maps or elsewhere. Part of the change also includes Smart Campaigns, which will become the default mode for small business advertisers to easily identify actions including phone calls, store visits and purchases.

Google Marketing Platform combines DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 which acts as the company's analytics tool for marketers. Google Ad Manager is the third product that combines Google's monetisation tools for publishers, namely DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers.

The rebrand is expected to start rolling out in July. 


Facebook launches 'Here Together' campaign in Australia

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 9.48.37 am.png

Facebook unveils 'Here Together' an eight-week campaign targeting Australian consumers. The social platform is aiming to drive awareness of the changes Facebook has made to protect people's privacy, remove fake accounts from the platform and ensure people have a positive experience using the platform.  

The campaign launched across Australia via OOH, digital, TV and cinema with the hopes of restoring trust in Facebook, informing users about its efforts to combat fake accounts, data misuse and fake news - all of which the social media platform declares are "not our friends". 

"It is our responsibility to make sure Facebook is a place where everyone can stay closer with the people they care about, and to make sure it's a positive force in the world", says Will Easton, managing director of Facebook in Australia and New Zealand. 


Optus issues apology after its 'ball ups' with broadcasting FIFA 2018

Optus took out full page ads on page two of newspapers across Australia to apologies for its "monumental stuff up". The telecommunications brand bought exclusive rights to broadcast the World Cup matches live, and football lovers who paid for the sports package offered were left with repeated technical failures. 

CEO of Optus, Allen Lew apologised to people affected and offered all Australians a free subscription to Optus Sport until August 31st 2018.

“Like you, we are football lovers. Our broadcast of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was to be one of our proudest moments. Unfortunately, we let you down.

Optus has given SBS the rights to every remaining game of the tournament. 


Dove launches 'No digital distortion mark' to show images free of digital manipulation

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.17.11 am.png

Unilever's Dove moves its "Real Beauty" goals further with the introduction of a branding mark indicating its advertising is free of digital manipulation. The "No Digital Distortion" label will kick off across branded content globally starting with Dove's deodorant campaigns. By January 2nd 2019, the mark will be incorporated into all static imagery showcasing women, across print, digital and social, representing the image is not distorted. 

The 'No digital distortion mark' created by Dove, joins the Self-Esteem Project aiming to inspire women and girls navigate the media landscape letting them know that the image they see has not been digitally distorted. 

"The Mark will help women identify reality and relieve some of the pressure to look a certain way, which is why we have created a new Evolution Film which reveals the extent of digital distortions and manipulations that takes place in media and advertising and brings to life the issue that women experience, says Dove Global Vice President, Sophie Galvani. 


Shop Instagram stories with new shopping bag icon

 Image source:  Techcrunch &nbsp;

Image source: Techcrunch 

Instagram is expanding its shopping features to Instagram Stories, after offering a way for users to shop looks through its feed. The new icon is giving a select number of e-commerce brands a new feature to help with their e-commerce efforts on the platform. Advertisers can add a shopping bag icon to their Instagram story that will display more details about the featured product.

Clicking on the shopping bag icon can display various types of product information, including more images of the featured product, images of the other products contained in the story, descriptions and pricing information for the product and links that lead directly to the brand’s website to purchase the product.

According to Facebook IQ research, “more than one in three self-reported daily active Instagrammers surveyed said they have become more invested in a brand or product after seeing it on Instagram Stories.”


Movements in Media, Marketing and Advertising

  • Nicole Sheffield, former News Corp chief digital officer (of six years) now joins Australia Post as executive general manager, community and consumer. 
  • News Corp CMO, Tony Phillips exits to pursue his own consultancy business after less than two years with the company. 
  • Jonathan Chadwick is appointed as Carats CEO for the Asia Pacific region.
  • KPMG Australia appoints former Publicis Communications chairman and Publicis Australia CEO, Andrew Baxter as senior advisor to the firm's entrepreneurial customer, brand and marketing advisory (CBMA) business.

BigDatr May Marketing News

 Image source:  Independent.co

Image source: Independent.co

Teens turn away from Facebook

Teenagers are ditching Facebook in favour of other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, according to a study from the Pew Research Center. The decline in teens using Facebook wasn't unexpected as the social network has struggled to stay relevant with younger audiences as their parents signed up to monitor their child's social presence and stayed after the kids moved on to Snapchat and Instagram's picture-based medium. 

Roughly half (51 per cent) of US teens aged 13-17 say they use Facebook, notable lower than the shares who use YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat. Facebook was well behind the other platforms - YouTube (85 per cent), Instagram (72 per cent) or Snapchat (69 per cent). The study also found that smartphone usage had dramatically altered how teens used and accessed social media. 


IKEA print ad designed to put you to sleep

Memac Ogilvy agency in the UAE creates a print campaign designed to put you to sleep. The ad was created after research into the sleep behaviour of those living in the UAE found that nine in ten people were not getting the ideal eight hour sleep a night. They also found that a third were sleep deprived, with 32.4% for only six hours. The Somnig (meaning sleepy in Swedish) print ad is designed to act as a “sleeping aid”.

People are directed to simply tear it out of a magazine, “assemble” it (like an IKEA flat-pack) and place it next to their bed. When activated, a speaker in the ad emits a white noise frequency, which has been proven to aid sleep. The paper is also designed with an aromatic lavender port and the ad was printed using lavender-infused ink - which is known to promote sleep by helping to relax the muscles and lower the heart rate.


Boost Juice and Vegemite join forces to bring Limited Edition flavour

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 10.03.08 am.png

Australia's popular fruit juice and smoothie bar, Boost together with Australian favourite, Vegemite, deliver their limited edition flavour in-store. The Vegemite Boost smoothie combines chocolate, vanilla yoghurt, banana, and a hint of Vegemite, for customers to enjoy this winter. 

Managing Director of Boost, Claire Lauber, says, "Vegemite really is a quintessential Australian favourite that many of our customers grew up with. When we first thought of the idea for a Vegemite flavoured smoothie, we knew it was pretty out there. However, Vegemite when combined with the chocolate, banana and dates really is delicious".  

Vegemite boost will be available part of Boost's new Aussie Milk Bar range.


Twitter may expand its programmatic offerings with Timeline Ad network

Twitter is in the process of recruiting publishers to take part in a pilot programmatic ad network that will place ads in Twitter Timelines embedded in publishers' sites. 

Twitter's business site stated the following:

"You already enjoy the power of real-time Tweets on your webpage through embedded Timelines. Now, let it generate revenue for your site. The Twitter Timeline network is the first ad program that allows publishers to offer real-time content to their audience and drive incremental revenue with targeted ads."

After releasing Q1 earnings report, Twitter's plans to "tap into new channels of demand". 


NAB uses data insights to personalise real-time customer experiences

NAB is moving towards delivering personalisation right in the moment, to create exceptional experiences for the customer. According to CMO Australia, part of NAB's marketing strategy involves using data and insights to help guide consumers through 'life's moments' both good and bad, to create a unique human customer experience at the right point in time. 

"We're trying to pick up all these happy and sad, exciting and troubling moments where the customer really does need to think about what's going on with their financial circumstances," Karen Ganschow, General Manager at NAB.

NAB recognises that customers don't want product conversations, rather they want help with their financial situations during life's range of moments such as purchasing a new home, having a child or couples going through a divorce. Even when a customer plans to travel, NAB will use this customer data to be able to pitch personalised messages at the right time. 


Pinterest introduces promoted videos to take up entire screen

  Pinterest's new full-width video ad. Source:  Digiday

Pinterest's new full-width video ad. Source: Digiday

Pinterest continues to push into promoted videos, and has introduced a new video ad product as it tries to get advertisers to put more of their budgets into the platform. The new video ads will take up more real estate on users' smartphones, but unlike Instagram and Snapchat, Pinterest has yet to go full-screen video. 

"We wanted to maximise the width to allow for more impact in the deef while Pinners are browsing for ideas before and after the video. This makes the video more native to the discovery mindset on Pinterest," a Pinterest spokesperson said. 


Video and mobile advertising take the lead in digital advertising

Digital advertising revenue in Australia reached $2.1bn in the first quarter of 2018, driven by both video and mobile advertising. The data came from the Online Advertising Expenditure Report by IAB/PwC revealed an overall increase in digital ad revenues - up 13% year-on-year. Video was up 38% in Q1 2018 vs Q1 2017 to reach $320 million, representing 42% of the entire display advertising segment for the quarter. 

The report also shows a shift in advertising spend with marketers favouring general display advertising over both classifieds, search and directories. IAB director of research, Gai Le Roy, says the findings in the report signify a shift in consumer behaviour towards mobile and video, so it's little surprise to see an increased investment in these formats.

Learn more about other findings from the report summary on CMO Australia.


Amazon is reportedly launching retargeting product

Amazon is continuing to grow its digital advertising, with the launch of its own retargeting product. The company is about to introduce a new display advertising offering, according to Bloomberg. Similar to Google, Amazon is working towards a program that will have the complete offering.

Amazon's advertising business tool will let merchants sell on Amazon's online marketplace purchase spots that will follow shoppers around the web to lure customers back into Amazon to complete the purchase. Amazon is inviting a selected number of merchants to test the new ads later this month.

BigDatr April Marketing News

   Image Source:  Digiday

Image Source: Digiday

Here's a wrap of April marketing news from around the world! 

MINI's billboards create shortcuts for pedestrians

MINI promotes its 'real time traffic information' feature in its cars by pushing a number of outdoor ads placed in various spots of Berlin. The campaign aims to provide easy access to shortcuts throughout the city. 

Agency Serviceplan Campaign X fitted doors, ladders and windows to billboards, inviting pedestrians to take the proposed alternative route, with the campaign tagline: "Faster through the city with Mini Connected". Some billboards have a staircase over a wall, while others have tunnel passage under a railway line. Hans-Peter Sporer, managing director of creation a Serviceplan Campaign X, explains: "The idea of the shortcut posters is an original translation of the RTTI feature, which always has the fastest way through traffic ready, into people's analog world."

Watch the video of MINI's creative outdoor ad here.


Amazon advertising is now worth $2 billion

 Image Source:  Digiday

Image Source: Digiday

Amazon's advertising business growth is now adding billions of dollars to Amazon's quarterly sales and continues to grow. According to Digiday, the e-commerce company reported in its first-quarter of 2018 filing that 'other' revenue - which it said "primarily includes sales of advertising services" - grew 132 percent year over year to reach $2 billion.

Media buyers have reported the company has been running a series of attribution tests to see how its advertising stacks up against the Facebook-Google duopoly and that it’s also been testing application programming interfaces for the Amazon Advertising Platform with a small group of agencies, as it plans to let marketers manage their programmatic campaigns on their own.

Read more here


Snapchat brings unskippable six-second video ads


Early this May Snapchat will be testing a new six-second unskippable video ad format, called "Commercials",  in the mission to generate more revenue, while preventing users from defecting to other platforms. 

The new ad form will run during a select number of the platform's Shows, but not in personal stories or the Discover news section. People familiar with the test told the publication that the move is an attempt to see how many ads users will tolerate. Commercials is expected to consist of high-quality ads from major companies, probably with the heavy price tag.


Ford cut costs and ditches sedan models


Ford Motor Co announces its plan to cut costs and boost profit margins quickly, by dropping the unpopular traditional sedan models in North America. Ford's chief executive Jim Hackett told investors that the motor company is undergoing "a profound refocus" of its operations and may exit unprofitable businesses.  

The demand for traditional cars are shifting, due to changes in consumer preference. Responding to the shift of the high demand of SUV and pickup vehicles, Ford said it planned to trim its North American car portfolio to just two models: the Mustang and its compact crossover Focus. Ford said that eliminating most of the company's cars except for the two models will allow the auto brand to focus on their winning portfolio in the US, Canada and Mexico. 

For some analysts, Ford's move to remove sedan models was hailed decisive and necessary. 


YouTube to start selling ads in live TV service

 Image source:&nbsp;money.cnn.com

Image source: money.cnn.com

YouTube will begin selling ads in its live TV stream, opening up more inventory in the streaming TV sector that can be highly targeted to specific consumers. 
The Google-owned video giant is making it possible for advertisers to buy YouTube video ads on TV screen only, acknowledging a shift in video consumption to the more traditional medium. 

According to Forbes, the move is based on new data by Nielsen that showed that more than half of 18-49 year olds barely watch or do not pay for television, however 90% watch YouTube. Furthermore internal YouTube analytics have further revealed that more people are actually consuming online videos not on their smartphones, tablets or laptop but on television screens, using video game consoles, smart TVs and more. 


McDonald's Outdoor ads give you the real-time forecast

 Image source:  AdAge &nbsp;

Image source: AdAge 

McDonalds has turned menu items like burgers, fries, ice-cream and coffee into weather forecast icons in an weather activated outdoor campaign in the UK. The campaign is fed in real-time data from the Met Office. A ketchup soaked fry becomes a thermometer, a burger half-covered with a wrapper in a sun and cloud, a packet of fries is a rain cloud. All up there are eight different icons to show how volatile April weather can be and the posters include five-day forecasts, as well as the current weather.

International Women's Day Campaigns 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 9.53.23 am.png

Around the world, International Women's Day continues to grow every year recognising the achievements of women from all backgrounds and occupations. Whether they be social, economic, cultural or political, the global celebration marks as a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The theme for 2018's International Women's Day is #PressForProgress which highlights the movement's urgency to push for change and achieve equality. 

We have taken a look at brands from across the globe aligning their campaign with #PressForProgress, inspiring women to take bold, pragmatic action and unleash the limitless potential that they have to drive the greatest change. 

Barbie introduces 17 inspiring dolls to celebrate International Women's Day

Barbie creates 17 realistic-looking dolls inspired by impactful female figures from different backgrounds and fields. The diverse range of dolls from various backgrounds and ethnicities include painter Frida Kahlo, actress and philanthropist Xiaotong Guan, aviator Amelia Earhart, USA Olympic snowboarder Chloe Kim and wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin along with a lineup of inspirational women.
"As a brand that inspires the limitless potential in girls, Barbie will be honouring its largest lineup of role models timed to International Women's Day because we know that you can't be what you can't see," Lisa McKnight, Barbie's senior vice president and general manager. 

Barbie is encouraging fans to share women who inspire them on social media using the hashtag #MoreRoleModels. 


Nike - Until We All Win

Serena Williams debuts new Nike campaign has proven time and time again, there's no wrong way to be a woman. Serena William states in powerful voiceover, "I've never been the right kind of woman. Oversized and overconfident. Too mean if I don't smile. Too black for my tennis whites. Too motivated for motherhood. But I am proving, time and time again, there's no wrong way to be a woman." 

Nike has empowered the movement of woman equality through sport and messaging through the launch of their campaigns. Last year Nike challenges gender stereotypes with powerful online videos to mark the celebration of 2017's theme. View 2017 Nike's International Women's Day campaigns here. 


UBER - #DrivenWomen Take The Wheel

Uber has released a campaign film to praise its female drivers. #DrivenWomen brings together women who have joined Uber to earn an income and balancing their additional responsibilities which include family, work and education. Uber wants to challenge the outdated notion and celebrate the stories of women who are changing the conversation daily. 

"The film is aligned with this year's International Women's Day global theme, #PressForProgress", Director of brand and strategy Asia Pacific at Uber, Eshan Ponnadurai. 

"We are delighted to showcase this film, which features our female driver-partners who challenge the status quo by driving with Uber. It's about starting a conversation around how women are empowering themselves." 

The campaign film will go live across key Uber markets in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


Google launches #HerStoryOurStory campaign

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 1.28.34 pm.png

Google Doodle celebrates International Women's Day with 12 different female artists from 12 different countries, creating animated tales of women from around the globe. When you jump into your Google search you will see a "play" button, showcasing these stories. Tech companies are working towards diversifying their work forces to include more women and minorities.

Aiming to celebrate women's voices and uncover inspiring stories of trials, hope and success in everyday life, Google launches the #HerStoryOurStory campaign. The search giant said: "Each story represents a moment, person, or event that has impacted their lives as women.

"While each artist tells a unique story, the themes are universal, reminding us of how much we often have in common.

"We hope that the combined power of words and images help bring these stories to life in a way that invokes feelings of understanding, empathy, and spirit of the day."


McDonald's flips iconic arches upside down

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 8.51.07 am.png

McDonalds in California has flipped its golden-arches upside down to celebrate women everywhere to honour International Women's Day. The fast-food franchise says it will turn its logo upside down on all its digital channels, such as Twitter and Instagram for the day and 100 restaurants will have special "packaging, crew t-shirts and hats and bag stuffers" to celebrate.


PUMA - #DoYouStories

Sports brand PUMA have rolled out #DoYouStories campaign for International Women’s Day. The campaign focuses on uncompromising and unapologetic women taking center stage in a series of stories to share their journeys and visions of the future, with the hopes of inspiring others around the world to take action and share their own stories. The campaign features basketball player Skylar Diggins-Smith who talks about her struggles and what she is doing to change the world around her by working with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to prevent bullying.

Lauren Lovette, NYCB principal dancer and choreographer, narrates her personal battles and how she gives back to young girls through free dance lessons with Groove with Me. See more stories #DoYouStories.


Last years theme for International Women's Day was #BeBoldForChange. Take a look at campaigns from 2017. 

BigDatr February Marketing News

  KFC responds to the recent chicken shortage with print campaign. Image source: Adweek

KFC responds to the recent chicken shortage with print campaign. Image source: Adweek


Facebook eliminates over 20 ad metrics


The social network is removing 20 outdated metrics to help improve transparency and clear up advertiser confusion, after admitting a series of measurement problems over the last two years.

Facebook says that the move comes as businesses demand more insight and clarity into the brand’s measurement tools and metrics. Facebook's redundant metrics include ones that weren't actionable and infrequently used.

Here's the full list of removed metrics.


Carsales create personalised video ads for every car seller


Carsales together with CHE Proximity and Guilty bring personalised ads for every single car listing on Carsales. Sellers can create their very own epic video advertisements in a few minutes, so that every second-hand car gets its very own moment of fame.

Carsales AutoAd tool has the potential to produce 1.2 trillion unique car commercials, with no two advertisements ever being the same. Sellers pick a theme from a choice of five distinct themes, hundreds of scenes and thousands of VO clips. The AutoAds footage is combined with photographs of the seller's car via a purpose-built algorithm.

Create your own AutoAds here

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 11.02.16 am.png

KFC says "FCK, we're sorry"

KFC says 'We're Sorry' in latest print campaign after running short of chicken. The fried chicken franchise were forced to shut down hundreds of branches across the UK. Keeping the brand's witty sense of humour, KFC's print ad shows the iconic chicken bucket with the letters "KFC" rearranged to spell "FCK" instead. 
The apology reads:

"A chicken shop without any chicken. It's not ideal. Huge apologies to our customers, especially those who travelled out of their way to find we were closed". The print ad has set social media buzz with fans calling it "possibly the best apology ad ever". 

The created developed by its creative agency Mother London. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.58.54 pm.png

Snapchat responds to petition about app’s redesign

After the unfavourable response to Snapchat’s design update, users have taken the negative backlash to social media, leaving bad reviews, including a petition demanding the company to reverse the controversial update. Snapchat has responded, promising to make few more changes to the ‘Friends and Discover’ section. Influencers including Chrissy Teigen, Kylie Jenner have all weighed in on the update complaining about the change.

While Snapchat acknowledges users feedback, they won't be getting rid of the recent update entirely, it will only make minor adjustments.

 Image source: TechCrunch

Image source: TechCrunch


Google unveils AdSense ‘Auto Ads’ for Publishers

Google has rolled out ‘Auto Ads’ for its web publishers as an update to its AdSense application that uses machine learning to choose the best ads to display and place. The optimised ad placements will potentially serve publishers to increase revenue by finding placements that may go undiscovered. ‘Auto Ads’ uses machine learning to scan and “read” webpages and locate the best placements, and how many ads should run.

 Image source:  TechCrunch

Image source: TechCrunch


NAB’s latest campaign ‘Talk to yourself more’

Expanding on NAB's 'More than Money' creative is the next iteration 'Talk to Yourself More',  asking Australians to talk to themselves more in the latest movement to demonstrate the bank's pledge to help customers reach for their dreams.

The campaign by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is a short film following the journey of real NAB customers and the bank's employees talking about what they care about most and explains how NAB can help customers achieve goals. Chief Marketing Officer of NAB, Andrew Knott, says the campaign aims to encourage Australians to take action and reflect on what's important in their lives. Read More

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 4.03.54 pm.png

Samsung partners with Disney to bring AR Emoji feature

Samsung partners with Disney to bring familiar characters to AR emoji feature and how it goes simply beyond faces and heads. With the announcement of the most highly-anticipated phone the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung unveils the introduction of AR Emoji replicating facial features and creating an adaptive 3D avatar. 

On top of scanning a user's face to create a personalised emoji that mirrors every movement made, Samsung's partnership with Disney allows for the creation of AR Emoji using Disney's famous characters. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 2.18.06 pm.png


Movements in Media, Marketing and Advertising

  • CEO Peter Bosilkovski exits Leo Burnett Sydney after nine years. 
  • BMW Australia's General Manager of Marketing Stuart Jaffray departs. He has been appointed as Managing Director at Starcom Australia. 
  • Tony Sesto is promoted as the new General Manager of Marketing for BMW.
  • Willie Pang is promoted to CEO of MediaCom after Sean Seamer's departure. 
  • Sarah McGregor is newly appointed Creative Directory of Cummin & Partners
  • Patrick Delany appointed new Foxtel CEO
  • Commonwealth Bank Head of Group Public Affairs and Communications newly appointed Danny John.