About the Automotive Industry

The Australian Automotive industry is one of the biggest media spenders given the sheer volume of advertising activity. BigDatr delivers invaluable industry data that provides users with insightful analytics and research into how the Automotive market is performing. Access to industry performance benchmarks for any particular car brand whether premium or mainstream, products or campaigns by VFACTS segment and even location.

View seasonal trends within the market, including when and how new cars launch to market with insights into how a brand is strategically purchasing their media activity across the nation. Get an idea of advertising spend per car brand, with a breakdown of national media trends broken down by Television, Newspaper, Magazine, Digital, Radio and Out-of-Home. BigDatr will show you campaigns that are promoted most aggressively, along with the messaging behind them to target potential customers.

The Automotive industry in BigDatr includes only OEM brands, however related sectors within the Automotive industry include:

  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles


Automotive Advertising Seasonality

Automotive advertising peaks in October whilst brands play catch-up to hit annual vehicle sales targets. Both May and June remain strong periods for advertising given aggressive end of financial year offers and June being the typical annual peak for new vehicle sales.

Numbers represent advertising seasonality relative to the highest point on the chart for the given time period. A value of 100 is peak advertising activity for the industry. A value of 50 means that advertising is half as active. Likewise a value of 0 means there is no advertising in this period.


Products and Categories

We understand that each industry has a number of product types within them, which is why categorisation is so important to us. By providing meaningful data, we tailor each industry in conjunction with leading brands, so that our categorisation allows the most granular filters. In particular, the Automotive industry is segmented using the VFACTS breakdown to model level.

Analysis by vehicle type will give users a better understanding of trending vehicle types, changes in vehicle segments and vehicles heading into a decline phase, with the power to plan ahead with future developments.

Consumer Brand Medium >$60K Small <$40K Sports >$200K
Upper Large >$100K Light >$25K Small >$40K Sports <$80K
Large >$70K SUV Small >$40K SUV Medium >$60K SUV Large >$70K
SUV Upper Large >$100K SUV Small <$40K Upper Large <$100K People Movers >$60K
Vans/CC < = 2.5t Medium <$60K People Movers <$60K People Movers <$60K
SUV Large <$70K Micro LD 3,501 - 8,000kgs GVM LDV 3,501 - 8,000kgs GVM (Trucks) & LD 3,501 - 8,000kgs GVM (Automotive)
MD = >8,001kgs GVM
& GCM <39,001kgs
Vans/CC 2.5 - 3.5t SUV Medium <$60K Light <$25K
PU/CC Light Buses <20Seats Large <$70K SUV Upper Large <$100K
Light Buses => No Category


Industry at a glance



BigDatr categorises specific ad types by Brand, Retail, Sponsorship and Competition.  Brands within the Automotive industry run a near even split of Brand and Retail centric advertising however skews towards Retail in aggressive sales periods. Brand advertising is used to establish brand identity and increase awareness for the car brand or product usually when a new car is being launched or re-launched to market. Retail advertising is used to drive traffic, call to actions and increase sales, with car brands usually creating immediacy with special offers within a specific time frame.

Get a snapshot of real time advertising, with clear competitor comparison reports to identify marketing strategy trends which can be exported with a single click. Access to Automotive industry data will offer insightful industry analysis into the market at a national or state based level.



Competitive Landscape



Estimated annual
media spend


Active Campaigns


Number of
Competing Brands



Major Brands



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